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Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.

Spiritual Direction
Sometimes called Holy Listening, Spiritual Companionship, Spiritual Coaching or  Spiritual Guidance
~For anyone who has or is seeking a deeper and more intentional connection with the Holy in their life. 
~A sacred conversation involving you, the director/companion, and the Divine Presence.
~A confidential relationship and therefore a safe place to deeply explore  your relationship with your Higher Power. 
~Usually involves meeting monthly for about 1 -2 hours.
~  Often helpful when experiencing one of the many trials of life, though many continue to see their directors after a difficult period has passed.
~Spiritual Direction Is NOT therapy, counseling or financial advice.   I am not trained to diagnose or "fix" anyone's problems.  Persons who pursue Spiritual Direction when really wanting a therapist, counselor, or financial advisor will be disappointed.~
 However, you may see a Spiritual Director as one of a team of trained people who are supporting you at this time.  Please let your therapist or counselor know you are seeking spiritual direction in addition to your therapeutic work with them.
~Spiritual Direction is not discipleship nor will you be meeting with me as your personal guru.  I will not prescribe a specific path for holy living nor will I tell you what you must do. Rather I listen for the divine invitations present in your current life circumstance.
You do not have to be an active member of a traditional church or Christian to benefit from meeting with a spiritual director.
Should you be interested in exploring the possibility of a Spiritual Companioning relationship with me please feel free to contact me personally.  The first visit consists of a relaxed "get aquainted" time that may be held in a coffee shop at a convenient location. There is no charge for the first meeting.  Follow-up appointments are billed on a negotiable sliding fee scale.  

Spiritual Directors International describes Spiritual Direction as a "contemplative practice of helping another person or group to awaken to the mystery of God in all of life, and to respond to that discovery in a growing relationship of freedom and commitment" (from the SDI website).  Many have discovered the contemplative and unifying mind/body/spirit aspects of Reiki and choose to include it as part of their Spiritual Direction session. Please let me know if this interests you.
For more information on Spiritual Direction in the Central Ohio area as well as a listing of  programs for spiritual growth offered by the ecumenical Spirituality Network please click here
Spiritual Direction is provided on a sliding fee scale  based on the length of the session and the individual circumstances of the directee.  No one is turned away due to their financial circumstances.
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