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Healing Journeys

Shamanic Practitioner Healing Services and Training

Have you ever have the sense that a part of you is missing? That after a shocking event you lost some of your own talents or cannot now trust your own giftedness? Psychologists and therapists talk about soul loss and the value of reclaiming the lost child. For the shamanic practitioner, this lost energy can be brought back through a healing journey. 

Elizabeth practices a form of shamanism called "core shamanism." She is not affiliated with a tribe or native ethnic practice. Core shamanism contains the common elements from shamanic practices across all cultures.  Elizabeth listen to a steady drumbeat to enter a trance in order to communicate with spirit guides to facilitate deep healing on the energetic level.

In a healing journey, Elizabeth can ask questions on behalf of the client, bring back animal/spirit guides, retrieve those lost soul pieces, cut energetic cords with old and unhelpful energy patterns, and give Reiki. Journeys are highly symbolic, containing images and patterns whose meaning continue to unfold over time. 

 Sessions typically last at least two hours, with conversation before and after the journey to discuss what a client wants and what the images brought back might mean. 
 Prevention Magazine printed a great article about shamanic journeying. Check it out!
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