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Reiki for Animals
Animals benefit from the deep relaxation of Reiki too!  If your pet has been traumatized by time spent in the shelter system, has developed storm anxiety, has a chronic illness or is suffering from the stress of sudden illness or surgery, Reiki is a natural and gentle method of stress reduction that can calm and relax your pet, enhancing it's quality of life and ability to heal. Working in your pet's subtle energy field to effect change, Reiki completely complements the treatments received from mainline veterinary care, animal trainers and behaviorists.  It does not replace appropriate medical and trainer interventions.
Reiki can also be very helpful when it is time to help your beloved companion cross over the rainbow bridge and is one final kindness you can extend to your pet during a stressful time. I have given my own beloved companions Reiki during their time of transition and both the Vet and I noticed it's calming effect when saying goodbye.
Elizabeth has been treating her many rescued furry companions with Reiki for years and have observed it's beneficial effects repeatedly. 

A Reiki session for your pet is conducted in the comfort of your own home/farm and lasts 1 hour.  The sliding fee rate (50- 65) makes it an affordable therapy for many. Please contact me for more information or click below to schedule an appointment.  For animals suffering from serious anxiety/illness I recommend three or four consecutive daily appointments followed by follow-up weekly appointments until you and I notice a significant shift in symptoms.

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